Foster & Partners and Apple teaming up for Apple Campus in Cupertino, California

Foster & Partner has been chosen by Apple to design its new Campus in Cupertino, California. The new building will utilize the agency's research on sustainability such as the project Masdar Institute (MI) Campus in Masdar City (Abu Dhabi) where he implemented his innovative vision, and of course design.

Cupertino, California, Courtesy © Foster + Partners

The Masdar Institute campus is entirely powered by renewable solar energy. It uses a 10 megawatt solar field which also producing 60% more energy than what the MI consumes. Its left overs will be fed back into the Abu Dhabi grid. This building "processes its waste water on-site which is recycled and pioneers many energy saving concepts", Lord Foster said.

Masdar Institute Campus (MI), Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, Courtesy © Foster + Partners

Back to the New Apple Campus, it will be multifunctional and incorporate cutting-edge technology in materials.
Once again, I can't wait to see this R&D building built. I am impatient to see more images, such as sketches, diagrams, 3D models, etc. But let's wait.

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