Volume Presents: How do We Materialize Peace

Volume Magazine will present December the 17th a lunch debate undertaken by Rory Hyde and Arjen Oosterman. The discussion will take place at SPUI25 (Spui 25-27, Amsterdam) from 12:45 to 14:00. You need to register to attend the discussion(*).
The theme is indicated below:
Can architecture establish and perpetuate peace? Does it have anything to offer on that level? Often architecture has been accused of causing tension, social unrest and even segregation. To be accused of such effects it must be powerful. So let's explore this strength in a pragmatic positive direction: architecture's contribution to post-conflict reconstruction. For the presentation of Volume 26 (*): Architecture of Peace a debate on two themes will be held at Spui at 25, Amsterdam:
- Is an ethical code for architects needed and if so, what should it look like?
- What is the relation between ethics and aesthetics?

Door will open at 12:15 and sandwiches will be offered.

Volume #26: Architecture of Peace, Courtesy © Archis, Volume project

(*) The site appears to be in Dutch and unfortunately I don't speak Dutch, but it is very easy to register. You just need to follow the (*) which mentions the important information they need.
Contact spui25 for further information on the registration, and more available information here.

Volume #26: Architecture of Peace will be soon available at your bookstore and of course online (Amazon, NAI Booksellers).
It will deal with:
How do we materialize peace? On the level of fundamental and basic needs, global society more or less knows what is wrong, and what to do about it. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in relief and first aid organizations, as there is with architects. We're ready to intervene in conflict areas, to fight for peace, but what are we to do next? Experts seem agreed on strategies, but are the architects and politicians ready for the long-haul?

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