Tex-Fab Houston, February 2011 a workshop by Tex-Fab

I just received an email from Mohammad Daneshyar about Tex Fab. Tex Fab will organize a workshop in Houston, precisely the University of Houston College of Architecture, from 02/12/11 to 02/03/11.
To register I warmly recommend to go and check out tex-fab where you will find detailed information.
What is tex-fab? Texas-based Tex-Fab is a new resource for designers, academics, fabricators, and students seeking out the innovative application of digital technology to the physical environment. This lab seeks to create a forum for the exchanges of these ideas and techniques through workshops, lectures, and exhibitions.
What does Tex-Fab's workshops consist of?
I warmly advice to check out tex-fab's previous workshops such as Chris Lasch's one "Algorithmic Design". Algorithmic design workshops are built from fundamental algorithmic design concepts to advanced techniques concentrating on how the formal and organizational potential emerge from complex self-organized systems. other fascinating workshops are those of Gil Akos and Ronnie Parsons entitled "Parametric Design" which introduce participants to the cultural, technological, and tectonic domain of parametric design and digital fabrication in a three session hands-on environment.

I warmly recommend to check tex-fab's website for detailed information on their activities as well as the Houston Workshop 2011.

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