Obuchi Lab and Critical Mass (Obuchi Lab's research agenda)

Critical Mass is a research agenda currently explored at Obuchi Lab in the University of Tokyo (Tokyo daigaku in Japanese). Mr Obuchi is also one of the talented professors of the AADRL, or Architectural Association Design Research Lab. This blog is led by the Obuch Lab (Prof. Obuchi Yusuke), particularly by Daisuke and Denis Vlieghe. Obuchi Yusuke has his own blog Yobuchi (He just opened his blog. You will find no articles for now). According to the site, this lab is an interdisciplinary experimental design research connecting architecture, engineering and computations to theorize and to develop design proposals that negotiate the ever-changing contemporary built environments. You will examples of the lab's research and projects such as this one:
Prototyping Architecture Workshop2
Prototyping Architecture Workshop2, Obuchi Lab, Courtesy © Obuchi Lab

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