Dreamhamar online Workshops: Call for registration

The English-version of this call-for-registration for the Dreamhamar online workshops:

We invite students, designers and creatives from all over the world to participate in Dreamhamar Online Workshops.
The workshops focus on network learning and network design applied to a specific case study — the design of a public space: Stortorget Square in Hamar, Norway. Via the workshops, participants will be able to part of an international network of professionals and talented people. The aim is to develop and share ideas about the sesign of the square.
Registration is open for the following two online workshops that will take place in October 2011:

Public Space And People
online workshop directed by Andres Walliser | sociologist

Public space can be the result of a customary use along time, or of urban planning as a given space with different functions like representation, social control, or commercial, among others. It also can be the outcome of a participation process — both top down (this launched by the public administration), or bottom up, demanded by the residents. The workshop will be illustrated with examples reviewing both public spaces along history and recent relevant cases of innovation in urban social design.
More info + registration

Tactical Urbanism
online workshop directed by
Ethel Baraona Pohl (dpr-barcelona) and Paco Gonzalez | architects

Tactical urbanism is aimed to develop urban practices with the use of new technologies, which improves the livability of our towns and cities, starting at the street, block, and public space. If we agree with Henri Lefebvre when he says that the urban is, therefore, pure form; a place of encounter, assembly, simultaneity; we can see the importance of the concept of "tactical urbanism" and how a connected society is able to take the city back.
More info + registration

For more information and registration: here.

Images above based on flickr pictures by Gunnar Bothner-By and Paolo Tonon

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