A wooden facade painted in green for housing in Paris, France by Koz Architects

A building, implanted in the 12nd arrondissement of Paris, France, incorporates 12 social housing. Its specificity? This housing stands out from its surrounding with its wooden facade painted in green. 
12 Social Housing, Paris, France © Koz Architects
The facade profile is designed to create a ludic impression. Its green color aside, the building integrates latest environmental qualities. Moreover it is conceived to respond to specific needs of the residents.
Site plan © Koz Architects

This building is designed by Koz architects, an Parisian agency founded by Christophe Ouhayoun and Nicolas Ziesel. According to a French website dedicated to architectural projects, Batiactu, this appears to not be the first time that this agency paints the facade of its realisations included a multicolor sport and leisures center at Saint-Cloud, France.
Perspective © Koz Architects

The facade, as mentioned above, is clad in ash wood siding known for its flexibility, its roughness, its weathering resistance with a reduction in construction cost.
Section © Koz Architects

This exterior wall has been cut out in some parts to create openings used as terraces, loggias paint in lime green.
Detail © Koz Architects

The social housing project will propose various types of units: 3 2-units, 4 3-units, 4 4-units, 1 5+-unit.
Plan of the 4-bedroom unit © Koz Architects

The idea is to build apartments that have their own identity.
Perspective — rendering © Koz Architects

Utilizing the logics of the city block, the housing design is inspired by an open space used for as a sports field which is situated face-to-face with the building.
Perspective © Koz Architects

The building will be equipped with exterior insulation and solar captors. The articulation of the interior spaces were defined to increase natural light.

Who are they?
Based in Paris, Koz Architects is founded in 1999 by Christophe Ouhayoun and Nicolas Ziesel.

Building Fact
Project: 12 Social Housing
Programme: 12 social housings
Architects: Koz Architects — Christophe Ouhayoun, Nicolas Ziesel
Team Project: Sandra de Gorgio
Surface areas: 985 sqm SHON — 792 sqm SHAB
Environmental approach: THPE
Year of Completion: May 2011

Source: Bactiactu

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