News: Actar interviewing Alejandro Aravena from Elemental

News on Latin American architecture.You may have already read Architecture Design issue on Latin America titled Latin America at Crossroads. I am working on a Tuesday Brew (it may be called wednesday brew depending on if I can post it today) which includes a link, a essay titled "Build Simply: South of the Border" by Alfredo Brillembourg I found on Mas Context. For this post, I'd like to reoriente toward an interview with Alejandro Aravena from Elemental I found on Actar Publishers. This interview must be understood as an "aperitif" before the forthcoming book  (published by Actar). I only post a short abstract and invite you to read this interview and wait for the upcoming book.
Actar: Favelas and other forms of self-built neighborhoods have always been considered undesirable in terms of their instability, both structural and social. The project in Iquique reverses this view and uses the DIY approach as part of its architectural language. Where did this idea come from? Elemental: Actually it was not an idra, nor a choice. There was not enoug money to build a whole house. What the market does in these cases, is to reduce the size of the house until it meets the costs…

More: Actar Publishers or click on the abstract.

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