New Parc des Expositions, Toulouse, France by OMA

OMA announced last week to have won the competition to design the new Parc des Expositions, Toulouse, France.
Parc des Expositions Design Proposal, Toulouse, France, © OMA

This new Parc des Expositions will be built as a compact mini-city articulating two core elements: an antitode to the sprawl of a standard exposition park and a strategy for the preservation of the surrounding French countryside.
Parc des Expositions, © OMA

Infrastructure is the keyword to this design proposal: a patchwork of open fields and sporadic developments. This Parc des Expositions will be included in a "virtuous" strip, 2.8 kilometers lond and 320 meters wide which will be crissed by the RD902 highway.
Parc des Expositions, © OMA

The Parc des Expositions' structure will be 660 meters long, 24 meters high. The monumental structure of the Parc des Expositions will be a simple but flexible three-dimensional grid, which will provide a plug-in system for exhibitors and facilities.
Parc des Expositions © OMA

Three parallel bands will articulate this parc:

  • the multi-function Event Hall, with a massive doorway for outdoor performances;
  • a 40,000-square-meters column-free Exhibition Hall
  • a 160,000-square-meters parking silo that will be implanted in the middle band.
As OMA announced, parking ramps will be visible through glass partition from inside the halls.
Parc des Expositions, © OMA
Parc des Expositions, © OMA
The Parc des Expositions is announced to be completed by 2016.
Parc des Expositions © OMA

Source: OMA

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