This week's map: The Rapid Growth of the Suburban Poor

To close this week, a map that reveals the impact of recent crisis: the impact of crisis on cities and suburbs with the growth of the suburban poor. Elizabeth Kneebone and Alan Berude (The Atlantic Cities) reported recently the growth of the suburban poor in America based on the 2010 American Community Survey in a very interesting article: The Rapid Growth of the Suburban Poor.
Change in Suburban Poor Population in the Largest 95 Metro Areas.
Credit: Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program
Map originally appeared on
The Atlantic Cities

According to this survey, in the ten years following the economic high-water mark catpured by the 2000 Census, poverty rates seemed to have risen in 88 of the nation's 100 largest metro areas, precisely across cities (3.0 percentage points) and suburbs (2.9 pourcentage points).

By 2010, the authors continue, more than one in five city residents appeared to be poor (20.9 percent) against 11.4 percent of suburbanites living below the federal poverty level.

More here.

Source: The Atlantic Cities

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