Today's video: Foreclosed Open House: Zago Architecture

Today's video is Zago Architecture's design proposal, still published and available on MoMA PS1 website, and, in the framework of the exhibition Foreclosed: Rehousing The American Dream.

Below is what Zago Architecture says on its proposal titled "Property with Properties":
In our project, a few basic house types replace, parcel by parcel, the houses originally planned for the subdivision. By creating a duplicate of these houses and adjusting their location via larger site block shifts (our term for this is mis-registration), we significantly increase the overall density of the project and create — via their intersection with one another — a very large set of house, duplex, and multifamily variations.
Final production of our 1:40 site model is underway. 236 houses are awaiting their first coat of paint. Color studies and painting technique tests are complete. By week's end each house will have received two colors, one carefully and intentionally mis-applied over the first — slipping onto the ground plane. Both a diagram for the project and an object in and of itself, the site model is a key component of our exhibition.

Fimed by J6 Media Works. Photograph by Don Pollard

© 2011 The Museum of Modern Art

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