Today's video: Foreclosed Open House: MOS

You may have already watched this series of videos but why not going back to them. Here is Foreclosed Open House, an exhibition that will be at  MoMA PS1.
A rapid summary of this project:
Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream aims at examining new architectural possibilities for American cities and suburbs. Architects Teams will develop proposals for five U.S. regions that will be featured in MoMA exhibition in 2012. More on this project: Here (Pdf format).

The videos I will post are part of a workshop phase before the final public Open Studios at MoMA PS1 on Saturday, September 17. I will try to post a video per day of these 5 participants: MOS, Zago Architecture, Michael Bell (Visible Weather), Studio Gang, and WORKac to follow this exhibition. Let's begin with MOS. Hillary Sample and Michael Meredith explain the guidelines of their proposal.

Test rendering of Live/Works units in the streets of Orange. Image courtesy of MOS
Another way to follow the preparation: here. You will have access to posts of Barry Bergdoll, The Phillip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design who is the curator of this exhibition.

Filmed by J6 Media Works. Photography by Don Pollard

©2011 The Museum of Modern Art

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