Today's video: Foreclosed Open House: Simultaneous City by Michael Bell and Eunjeong Seong of Visible Weather at MoMA

One more video of participants of the workshop Foreclosed Open House launched by and at MoMA in the framework of the exhibition titled Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream. This time, this is that of Michael Bell and Eunjeong Seong (Visible Weather) with their project Simultaneous City.
Foreclosed Open House: Simultaneous City © Michael Bell, Eunjeong Seong (Visible Weather)

Site Location: Temple Terrace, Florida
Reverse Fabrication — taking Things Apart Again: The final animation is being produced within a series of 3-D Studio Max models. We began using Rhino for overall modeling. This worked beautifully in terms of being able to work on components distributed between the team that were reassembled to see the overall work. At times putting the entire project back together — structural systems, housing units, enclosure, decks, and context — felt like putting a machine back together. There was no way to work on the total project in one model but its final form was one digital model. The final animation reverses this process. It is made from many smaller digital models — taking the project back apart afain after we put it together. The storyboard of an animation means you dissemble it again: the animation is from the vantage of a person in time. Whole aspects of the project are erased as you focus on the movement in one space. It's management aspect of making the animation but it's also directly related to the discrepancy between many forms of attention or "vision." The whole, the parts, inside and outside the scene — the producer, the viewer, the viewed — how software changes the structuring of issues that film had already changed but also theories from painting and art history have long applied to architectural space and experience.
In the building(s) its possible to take a midnight walk to a small grocery store in the complex and to encounter a wide spectrum of experiences; there is a small spot on a plaza level at grade where two ramps meet that would allow anyone in the near 10-acre project to converge. The entire building can empty out and everyone would come face to face at this zone — casting the entire architectural work into the background — behind you.

Filmed by J6 Media Works. Photograph by Don Pollard

© 2011 The Museum of Modern Art

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