3Concepts 1e-IDEA Competition

3Concepts 1e-IDEA or where do ideas come from? The metaphor that can respond to this question can be an utopic project, a small-scale proposal, a big-scale urban design, a sketch tat can contain an innovative solution for climate change. It can be whatever your imagination is able to draw. If we simply think on how we can use the potential that lies in our capacity to dream, we can enjoy participating in the challenge, where there are no limits… just 3 concepts to choose and start drawing!

Experts: Miralles-Tagliabue, Span, Patterns LA, Rojkind, Agent Design. They have each chosen one of their projects and identified 3 concepts that can define it.

Participants must select 3 of these concepts — taking no more than one from each architects — and develop a new architectural design proposal based on these 3 selected concepts. Then they must share their design proposal via HP ePrint & Share directly with our experts! Both the Experts' favorite and the people's favorite will win!!

The winner will win a prize consisting of a publication that will include the selected proposal plus additional work by the winner, edited by dpr-barcelona. Additionally:

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Contest Timetable
June 13th — Call for submission between June 13th and July 22nd, participants would use HP ePrint & Share to send their projects, game guidelines would be published online.
July 22nd — Submission deadline
July 22nd — to first week of August — Documentation of process
September 6th — Announcement of most popular projects, selected by the Architects
September 29th — Award winning announcement + Publication launch + Exhibit in Vallery Gallery
November Autodesk University

For more information and registration, please go directly HERE & HERE.

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