Sunday Rondup

Spaceship: Apple revealed its campus, designed by Foster + Partners, still in Cupertino, a spaceship, a donut in form. It is announced that the campus will provide its own natural gas based energy generation plant with the electrical grid as backup.
Apple Campus, Cupertino, USA © Foster + Partners

Sustainable Cities: As I have already said it, Arup unveiled its Arup Report at C40 Cities Summit, available here.

Terraced roof: is the Hangzhou Gateway Tower that JDS will design. The agency was awarded the 1st prize for a complex and elegant block with large cut-out section on top and bottom to provide respectively a terraced green roof and a arcade-like circulation. 
Hangzhou Gateway Tower, China, © JDS Architects

New agency: Farshid Moussavi Architecture is just open, with ongoing projects. Looking forward to seeing the agency’s projects.

Bleu (‘Blue’): A beautiful rectangular museum for Lausanne designed by Barcelona-based architects Estudio Barozzi Veiga. The agency opts for a new building and the enhancement of the entire parcel as a center museum. This will permit the development of a new cultural quarter for the city. 
Bleu, Lausanne, Switzerland, © Estudio Barozzi Veiga

I like: the form of this cocoon-like Orthodox Church designed by Sofia Borges and Danika Voorhees. This form is the result of a series of pulls and pinches. As the architects said, spaces that once maintained rigid edge conditions begin to erode allowing for a more dynamic and engaged experience for the user as sight lines collapse and extend and programmatic hierarchy dissolves.
Cocoon-like Orhodox Cherch © Sofia Borges and Danika Voorhees

Triangle: is this collective housing, situated in Avenue de Meaux, Melun, in France. Le Triangle de Meaux, designed by Bathilde Millet Architects, is characterized by its shape — a simple rectangular volume with triangular roof — inspired by an adjacent single-detached house. Simple but elegant.

Le Triangle de Meaux, Melun, France © Bathilde Millet Architects

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