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Towards a digital city: What is a Digital City? Mayor Bloomberg and Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne unveiled NYC's Digital Plan.

Protocell: Artificial Intelligence will create a revolution. This text written in 2005 has been tweeted by Rachel Armstrong of Living Architecture | Interactive Architecture: available Here.

Smart cities: Manu Fernandez, an Urban Economist, just posted a Compilation of Resources on Smart Cities collecting links of posts about smart cities.

Megacities v. climate change: Arup announcing the 'Climate Action in Megacities' report.

Smart cities (bis): Smart Cities: Can they work? Here is the question that Bruno Berthon asks in a fascinating article published in the June, 1st edition of The Guardian. Amsterdam a leader in terms of smart cities? See here.

Sustainable country or… branding: Here is the question. Whatever… Isabella Kaminsky reports in Renewable Energy Focus that China is still the most attractive country for renewable energy… following a report by Ernst & Young.

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