Call for Ideas — Project Space — The Other City — 2011

2011 the Project Spaces are continuing to follow the idea to find sustainable and social development strategies in on-site workshops, lectures and open discussions,  which can lead to new practices in new effective cross-border co-oporation in Europe.
The participants are invited to react to new challenges for urban space design and send their idea to one Project Space topic in form of one significant image and a short written description per e-mail.
A jury will select the three most interesting ideas for each Project Space. The winners will be supported with an adequate travel contribution, their workshop results will be published and they will get the opportunity to become Wonderland member for the upcoming two years for free.

Deadline of submission: 26 June 2011

React to new challenges for urban space design of Paris (FR), Clug (RO), and Kaiserslautern (DE)
In which whays can architects and urban planners influence a equitable and social city? Which practices can form answers for sustainable urban development? How can new cross-border co-operations look like?

Cluj (RO)
Create visions for the former industrial area of Cluj: 31 August - 3 September 2011

Paris — Saint-Denis (FR)
Social Coherence
Find new strategies to foster a better social coherence in the banlieue of Paris: 16 - 19 August 2011

Kaiserslautern (DE)
Post Shopping Shops
Develop innovative solutions for the deserted city center of Kaiserlautern: 25 - 27 September 2011

Information: Here.

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