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Calligraphic: SOHO Building in Hongqiao, a design proposal by Zaha Hadid Architects, located within the Great Hongqiao Business Zone, in Shanghai, China. This curvilinear building for the new Linking SOHO looks like a calligraphic gesture. It would have a green roof. I agree that Shanghai may have a highly recognizable airport…
SOHO Building in Hongqiao, Shanghai, China © Zaha Hadid Architects
SOHO Building in Hongqiao © Zaha Hadid Architects
SOHO Building in Hongqiao © Zaha Hadid Architects

Loops: The Art Gallery, in Maribor, Slovenia. Brian DeLuna and James Vincent's proposal for a new art gallery in Maribor, Slovenia, consists of an interconnection of loops, each loop containing its program: Children's Museum, Architecture Museum, Creative Industrial Museum, and the Digital Arts Museum. Here is another highly recognizable building… this time for Slovenia.
Art Gallery in Maribor, Slovenia, © Brian DeLuna and James Vincent
Plan © Brian de Luna and  James Vincent
Diagram © Brian DeLuna and James Vincent

EnvironmentalBeton Hala Waterfront Center Competition for Belgrade, Serbia. Studio ARCVS received the first Prize for the Beton Hala Waterfront Center design proposal. "A simple, but refined complexity", said the competition jury. Simple but refined complexity, yes, as well as functional and environmental, articulating three posts: the post of the international river passenger transport — the 'gate of the city'; the city tram post — circular tram no.2; the park post — 'lower terrace' plateau. Environmental conditions are a priority in this design proposal. Studio ARCVS's proposal just fits to the urban fabric of Belgrade, with simplicity.
Beton Hala Waterfront Center, Belgrade, Serbia © Studio ARCVS
Beto Hala Waterfront Center, Belgrade, Serbia © Studio ARCVS
Plan © Studio ARCVS

Sustainable building: World Busan Center by SHoP Architects. The the High-rise World Busan Center is announced to be a 'vertical garden'. Apart from its light tubular steel lattice on the façade, the particularity of the World Business Center Busan, designed by SHoP Architects, consists of the incorporation of planted bamboos which functions are to modulate airflow and wind-loading on the towers. They will act as "green lungs" for the complex providing fresh air to the units.
World Business Center in Busan, Korea, © SHoP Architects
World Business Center in Busan © SHoP Architects
Model © SHoP Architects

Recycling: The Granary, Philadelphia, by Interface Studio Architects. According to Interface Studio Architects, an engineering analysis shows that the existing structure can accept significant overbuilt with only minor reinforcements. This building is the result of the re-use of defunct industrial buildings by integrating new activities into old structures. By overbuilding an early 20th century grain storage facility with a 12-story mixed-use tower, the firm demonstrates the possibility to reactivate old buildings for new uses.
The Granary, Philadelphia, USA, © Interface Studio Architects
Diagram © Interface Studio Architects
Diagram © Interface Studio Architects

Magritte: Magritte's HouseAtelier Tekuto completed his latest project, an elegant massive concrete rectangular building inspired by Magritte's work on surrealism, in the middle of Tokyo, Japan. Apart from the influence of Magritte's work, gravity plays an essential role in the design. According to Atelier Tekuto, "creating architecture is a fight against gravity". This massive concrete block is marked by the introduction of a basement by pushing the main volume inward from its basement. This leads to a "concrete block escaping from the gravity".
Magritte's, Tokyo, Japan © Atelier Tekuto. Photography by Makoto Yoshida
Perspective © Atelier Tekuto
North Elevation © Atelier Tekuto

Patterning: Civics Sports Center and Arena, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China by Emergent Architecture. This complex is based on patterning found in nature at all scales, Emergent Architecture says. This iconic building features large membrane bubble windows, — precisely semi-opaque bubble windows and semi-transparent bubble windows —, with views out to the park and the city of Shenyang.
Civic Sports Center and 2013 National Games Arena, Shenyang © Emergent Architecture
Plan © Emergent Architecture
Diagram © Emergent Architecture

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