Triangle de Meaux, Melun, France, by Bathilde Millet Architects

Le Triangle de Meaux, or Triangle of Meaux. A small and compact volume for this elegant collective housing on a triangular site situated in the city of Melun, near Paris, France. This building, designed by Paris-based Bathilde Millet Architects, is characterised by its triangular form, and its sloping roof, and its strong decline.
Le Triangle de Meaux, Melun, France © Bathilde Millet Architects

It is announced that the design of this 12 collective apartments conforms to the surrounded buildings, in particular an adjacent single-detached house that will be reflected in the volume. It will be built onto the strong decline.
It will be clad with a monolithic fiber cement siding allowing the incorporation of solar panels into the roof. This envelope creates a patterned façade.
Le Triangle de Meaux © Bathilde Millet Architects

The agency will profit from the optimal use of the strong decline of the triangular site to propose a double access that will make six of these apartments accessible.
The construction is due to be completed by February 2012.
Site © Bathilde Millet Architects

Who is he?
Bathilde Millet Architects is founded by Bathilde Millet in 2005. The agency is located in Paris, France. Apart from Bathilde Millet, the agency is composed of Melanie Quetscher, Sam de Spam and Sophie Ferrière.

Building Fact
Project: Triangle de Meaux (Triangle of Meaux)
Program: Collective housing — 12 apartments
Architects: Bathilde Millet Architects
Engineers: BET NOBLE Engineering (Fluides), BET OPTIMUM ENERGIE (HQE)
Location: Melun, France
Client: OPH77
Surface area: 1004 sqm SHON
Completion year: by February 2012

Source: Architopik

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