The Architecture Post Broadcast: Video: 1200C64P10R* Périphériques Architects, La Galerie d'Architecture, Paris

The Architecture Post Broadcast

Today's review is the video of Paris-based Périphériques Architects' exhibition, entitled 1200C64P10R, at La Galerie d'Architecture, Paris. I have already wrote on this exhibition in a previous post. The video below gives an overview of the exhibition.
This video shows dioramas, models, chairs and screens, namely creation process, and history of each project of this Parisian architecture firm.

Next The Architecture Post The Review videocast will be a small-scaled exhibition of Swiss Bonetti e Bonetti Architetti, organised by French archizine Cosa Mentale at ENSA, Paris-Belleville.

1200C64P10R* from The Architecture Post Broadcast on Vimeo.

Credit video: © 2012 The Architecture Post Broadcast for Urban Lab Global Cities
Video journalist: Annick Labeca
Producer: Annick Labeca

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