Exhibition: Tom Sheehan Architects, Paris, and Urban Lab Global Cities Facebook Page

Dear readers,
I just created the Urban Lab Global Cities Page on Facebook. Be free to like it, if you like it.
This apart, another news: an exhibition, entitled Tom Sheehan Architects Sketches and Collaboration will open at La Galerie d'Architecture, this Thursday 19th April. If you are in Paris, add this date in your calendar.

Excerpts of his sketchbooks. Tom Sheehan exhibits a selection of drawings from 1997 to 2012.
"The sketch is the irreducible instrument of communication for an architect. It resists the test of time and technological progress, it is light, portable and speaks all languages."
 A collection of works is also presented to illustrate that, contrary to a sketch, a project is never made alone, but is the product of encounters and camaraderie. These few works testify of the richness and complexity of collaboration.
Tom Sheehan, born in San Francisco in 1963 and resident of Paris since 1989, invites you to share the intimacy of his visual notes and to enjoy a few amiable works conceived in good company.

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