Call for submissions: Kerb Journal issue 20 and some news on Saturday's The Architecture Post The Review

Saturday, at last (!), The Architecture Post Broadcast will be back with the launch of a vernissage video of Périphériques Architects at La Galerie d'Architecture. I just finished editing and rendering the video. This explains why I haven't posted any texts since last week. But I need to work on the trailer that will be posted here tomorrow. This Paris-based agency Périphériques Architects, I have already said it, is one of the most interesting agency in France. I profited from this exhibition for a rapid view of their projects.
I am currently working on two interviews, one for The Architecture Post The Review, I hope, with Cosa Mentale that I can't wait for introducing this Paris-based journal and; the other for The Conversation. Another project has been haunting since last week concerning another French agency that I appreciate. More soon (as usual).
Now today, while I am working on the trailer, a call for submission in order to wait for tomorrow's launch.

Kerb, an archizine unfortunately not easy to find in Europe, at least in France, is calling for submissions. As the journal is celebrating its 20th publication, the editors are currently seeking submissions for the 20th edition 'Speculative Stories: Narratives in Landscape Architecture', due for launch in August 2012.
Speculative Narrative and the potential of imagination are important factors in creative production. It is considered that a multitude of small stories are the "quintessential form of imaginative invention."
Speculation through narrative offers an apparatus through which we may investigate the concept of 'reality'. Immersed within our current understandings, speculation is influenced by our contemporary condition. In these fictional dispositions, the variables and constraints of 'reality' can be controlled, omitted completely or utilized as key motives for the foundations of new territories.
Speculative Narrative can be an exploration of idealistic scenarios, the fossilization of information, or the creation of fantastical realms.
This allows the model of design to move beyond problem solving, crisis management and project liberation from the constraints of our existence. The augmentation through speculative narrative enables the reshaping of current processes, understandings and disciplines.
Speculative Narrative makes it possible to redefine 'present' and 'future'.

Kerb is seeking submissions of experimental and innovative design projects, research, written, and photographic works, collages, digital animations of film.

All submissions must be received by 4th May 2012. Publication will launch on the 24th August 2012.

Kerb, in case you don't know, is an annual cross-disciplinary design publication produced by the RMIT University School of Architecture and Design. Kerb is a progressive design journal focused on contemporary landscape architecture issues from an international and national perspective. Content of the journal is based upon themes relevant to current practices and projects of landscape architecture. The thematic of each publication can be interpreted by multiple disciplines and as such a variety of disciplines may be included within the journal.
The journal is unique in being compiled and edited each year by a group of interested students, from a range of articles invited from its global audience, and as a critique of current student work.

Past contributors are, among many others, R&Sie, Liam Young, Paisajes Emergentes, Charles Negre, David Gissen, Teresa Moller, Dr Rachel Armstrong, Iwamoto & Scott, Hélène Frichot.

More and to send your submission: Here.

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