Future Cities: How buildings could come to life | BBC Click

A video that was shared by architect Liam Young who is talking about the future of cities, drones and et al., entitled: How buildings could come to life, on the BBC Click.
The buildings in our cities could quite literally come alive in the decades ahead. Spencer Kelly looks at a series of projects that will allow buildings and even the furniture in them to be able to sense how they are being used and adapt to changes in the environment around them.
It opens the way for chairs to know who is sitting on them so they can become more comfortable and buildings to change their own heating and lighting without human intervention.
In a nutshell, future cities are announced to become networked, senseable, and interactive capable of self-sustained without human intervention.
The video is available: here.

On the questions of drones, cities, future, infrastructure, robotics, and technologies, see: Liam Young project for the Electronic Countermeasures GLOW Festival video.

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