Lecture: Urban Planet: emerging Ecologies


For the first time in human history, the majority of the world's population lives in cities. The rise of urban growth over the last decade raises important questions for our planet's future: how can we adapt to an increasingly urban planet? And what does global urbanization imply for our political and social institutions?
The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design (CUISD) will host URBAN PLANET: EMERGING ECOLOGIES, a one-night event featuring a unique series of lectures and discussions with internationally known thought leaders in development and design. Key speakers include:

  • Alfredo Brillembourg, Urban-Think Tank and S.L.U.M. Lab, will bring a social investment perspective to these questions; 
  • Jean-Claude Bolay, Director of the UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development, will discuss the role of technology in the emerging global city and;
  • Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE and Planetary ONE, will explore the move beyond standard notions of "sustainability" toward urban systems that actively benefit their environment.
URBAN PLANET: EMERGING ECOLOGIES is made possible through a collaboration with CUISD and ETH Zurich, the Swiss Consulate and EPF Lausanne. A list of speakers appears at the end of the advisory.

When: Tuesday, April 10 at 6 pm
Where: Rose Auditorium, 41 Cooper Square

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