54 Collective Housings, ZAC Montjoie, Saint-Denis (France) by TGT Architects

Parisian Agency TGT Architects completed 54 collective housings located in ZAC Montjoie, Saint-Denis (Île-de-France). Two lots belonging — 6B and 6D —, located in the ZAC  are used to develop these housings. The overall aim is to create a unity of composition with two expressive volumes.
© TGT Architects, photography © Cyril Sancereau

This group of houses consists of two corbelled volumes characterized by two frontispieces on both sides of a private square.
© TGT Architects, photography © Cyril Sancereau

The west-facing frontispiece occupies vertically four levels while the east-facing frontispiece is structured horizontally in two levels.
© TGT Architects, photography © Cyril Sancereau

Volumes — some are dynamic and vertical, others are static and horizontal — continue up to the two frontispieces.
© TGT Architects, photography © Cyril Sancereau

In the depth of the block, the volume of the buildings repeats the same composition of the frontispieces: verticality to the West, horizontality to the East.
© TGT Architects, photography © Cyril Sancereau

Colors of the envelope of these two volumes are also treated differently: the one is sober, the other is expressive. These two distinct colors seem to be chosen to call attention to these two volumes as a contrast to the other housings.
Model © TGT Architects

This group of houses is punctuated by voids, balconies, loggias, and terraces respecting the intervals of setbacks as required.
© TGT Architects

Openings are quite simple and with regular arrangements.
© TGT Architects
© TGT Architects
© TGT Architects

Dwellings have various arrangements. Apartments with large spaces take advantage of a double amount of sunlight. These apartments offers best orientations and attractive views.

Who are they?
Parisian agency TGT Architects is founded by Jean-Claude Garcias, Jean-Jacques and Jerome Treuttel in 1980. in 2001, Laurent Fichou and Stephane Pourrier joined the agency. It is composed of five architects and 15 collaborators. Ongoing projects consist of housings located in Savigny-sur-Orge, Blanc-Mesnil, Saint-Denis, Nantes, Chaumont, Bobigny and various renovations in Paris.

Building facts
Project: Housings, ZAC Montjoie, Saint-Denis
Programme: 54 collective housings
Architects: TGT Architects
Surface area: 4,500 sqm
Client: BNP Paribas Immobilier
Completion year: 2010
Photography: Cyril Sancereau

Plans © TGT Architects
Photographs © Cyril Sancereau

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