SANAA will reveal their proposal for the renovation of La Samaritaine soon

Tokyo-based SANAA which has been chosen for the renovation of La Samaritaine, a Parisian large department Store closed down in 2005 because it did not meet safety codes, will reveal their proposal soon.
La Samaritaine, Rue de Rivoli, Paris 1st.

This 48,000 square-meter department store (inaugurated in 1869) was implanted in a prime site, precisely, rue de Rivoli (first arrondissement, central Paris), overlooking the Seine river. La Samaritaine is currently owned by LVMH which has chosen the Japanese firm architecture for its renovation.
LVMH recently announced in November 2010 that the building will host a hotel, shops, offices, social housing and a day care. The building permit will be official this year. The completion is expected in 2013.

Project Data
Project: La Samaritaine
Programme: Hotel, shops, social housing, offices, day care
Architect: SANAA
Location: Paris, first arrondissement
Building permit: 2011
Construction start: 2011
Completion year expected: 2013
Cost: 400 millions euros

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