Landscape Futures Super-Dialogue by bldg-blog (live on twitter)

I just tweeted this link to invite all of you to follow bldgblog's new project landscape futures super-dialogue. It's a 'super workshop' with 'super participants' as Geoff Manaugh wrote. Participants are :

  • Matthew Coolidge, Center for Land Use Interpretation
  • David Gissen, Subnature/ HTC Experiments/ California College of the Arts
  • David Benjamin, The Living/ Columbia University GSAPP/ Studio-X
  • Liam Young, Tomorrow's Thoughts Today/ Architectural Association
  • Mark Smout and Laura Allen, Smout Allen/Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Elizabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse, Smudge Studio/ Friends of the Pleistocene.
For detailed information click on bldgblog and follow bldgbloglive on twitter.

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