In Progress: Necker Children's Hospital by Philippe Gazeau Architects

Started in 2009, the Necker Children's Hospital construction, located at the angle of boulevard Montparnasse and rue de Sèvre, Paris 15th arrondissement, is in progress. Its is due to be completed in 2012. The construction built have been delivered in 2006.
Necker Children's Hospital, Paris, France, render © Philippe Gazeau Architects
> The façade consists of a green wall over which glass panels will be placed creating a green double-façade.

The Hôpital Necker — Enfants malades (Necker Hospital — Hospital for sick children), founded by the Conseil général des Hospices (General Hospices council) in january 1801, is located in the center of Paris, 15th arrondissement. It belongs to the Assistance Publique — Hôpitaux de Paris group and is affiliated to the University of Paris Descartes. It is historically the first paediatric hospital in the world.
Organisation of the Necker Children's Hospital before its reconstruction
© Necker Hospital — Assistance Publique

Model © Philippe Gazeau Architects
> Model showing the new building typology
with its garden and a central alley respecting the existing site.

Existing site © Philippe Gazeau Architects
> The agency has been
asked to respect historical
patrimony of the Necker Hospital site.

This 58,660-square-meter hospital designed by Paris-based Philippe Gazeau Architects will consist of the construction of a new cluster of medical surgical facilities for mother and children and the reconstruction of the site landscaping (15,460 square meters of which 10,000 square meters for the garden in natural ground).
10,000-square-meter ground will be constructed. On top, two rectangular volumes will be built. These two boxes will be connected by a footbridge. The first volume will be located in crossroads Duroc (carrefour Duroc) at the angle of rue de Sèvre. It will be comprised of a pleated solar thermal glass double-facade to protect against solar heat and glare. Philippe Gazeau has been asked to respect historical patrimony of the Necker Hospital site. Consequently this new volume will respect the structure of the site.
Projected site © Philippe Gazeau Architects
> Comparing with the existing site plan, a 10,000-square-meter garden will be implanted in center of the hospital block. A central alley will connect
rue Vaugirard and rue de Sèvre (Vaugirard street
and Sèvre street) to open up the hospital block to its surrounding.

This facade will be covered with vegetation as required by the Office of Mayor of Paris of the 15th arrondissement. This facade will be treated as vertical garden. Glass panels will be placed over the green wall to create a green double-skin.

The other building's façade, located in rue de Sèvre, will consist of a double printed translucent glass skin wrapping the curtain-wall. This double-skin will diffuse natural light into the rooms of patients.
© Philippe Gazeau Architects
The other building's façade (rue de Sèvre) will consist of
a printed translucent glass double-skin wrapping the curtain-wall
to diffuse natural light into the building.

It will gather biomedical engineering (medical imaging), 15 operating rooms, SAMU (mergency medical services in France) and Emergency. This structure for mothers and children will also be composed of 400 beds and cradles.

As required by the master plan, 10,000-square-meter garden will be created in the center of the hospital block site as an integrated system that involves the hospital block.
Construction phase © Philippe Gazeau Architects
Construction phase © Philippe Gazeau Architects
> Translucent glass panels placed over the wall to diffuse natural
light into the rooms of patients.
Construction phase © Philippe Gazeau Architects

A central alley will connect Rue de Sèvre and Rue Vaugirard to open out the hospital to its surroundings.
Construction phase © Philippe Gazeau Architects
Construction phase © Philippe Gazeau Architects
> A footbridge connects the two volumes.
© Philippe Gazeau Architects
© Philippe Gazeau Architects

Who is he?
Philippe Gazeau, graduated from the Paris la Villette School of Architecture, in 1981, created his own architectural firm in 1984 in Paris. Winner of the "Album de la jeune architecture" in 1985, Philippe Gazeau has since received a number of awards, including the Moniteur first building prize in 1985, the Equerre d'argent distinction and the special Mies van der Rohe prize in 1994, the Equerre d'argent in 2000, and the special Environment prize awarded by the Grand Prix d'architecture et du Paysage de la région PACA in 2003. In parallel with the agency's work, in 2004, he created with Jacques Ferrier and Louis Paillard a town planning research laboratory called FGP(a): French Global project of Architecture. Philippe Gazeau teaches at the Paris Val-de-Seine school of architecture.

Building Fact
Project: Necker Hospital,
Location: 149, rue de Sèvres, 75015 Paris (center of Paris)
Architect: Philippe Gazeau Architects
Client: Assistance Publique — Hôpitaux de Paris
Size: 58,660 sqm
Start date: 2003
Completion year: 2012


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