MADE IN winners of the Maritime and Popular Music Center, Kaohsiung

Spanish agency Made In wins the Maritime and Popular Music Center Competition, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
The central and direct goal of this competition is to create a Marine Culture and Pop Music Center that highlights the unique character of Kaohsiung City while satisfying the needs of the local people, the industries and future trends.
Aerial view of the site © Maritime and Popular Music Center, Kaohsiung.

Design and planning must be based on the cultural assets of Kaohsiung, the strengths and conditions of the Project site and the characteristics of the pop music and marine culture industries. The design requirements articulated nine points:

  1. Outdoor performance area
  2. Large performance hall
  3. Small performance halls
  4. Pop music exhibit area
  5. Pop music industry (incubation) center
  6. Marine culture exhibit center
  7. Music and marine culture commercial area
  8. Harbor wharf and passenger service center
  9. Integrated environment planning
The site has a total area of approximately 11.89 hectares with waterfront access. It is located in a strategic position to link the Port of Kaohsiung with the rest of the world, act as a symbolic gateway for the nation, galvanize the surrounding space and activate local industries. This Center is conceived as a world-class music performance venue with a program encompassing a large performance hall, small "incubator" performance halls, a home for the pop music industry and communities and marine culture exhibit space. It is also required to build a landmark that will become part of the Asian pop music network.

Made In's design proposal articulates three zones. The first zone that finished off by two towers or lighthouses, one of 113 meters of height and the other one of 83 meters, will consist of the outdoor performance area for 12,000 seats, the Large Performance Hall for 5,000 seats and the Pop Music Exhibit Areas. The two towers will act as a landmark in Kaohsiung.
Maritime and Popular Music Center, Kaohsiung — Zone 1, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, © Made In
> The zone 1 also called The light house and the waves contains
the pop music industry center, the pop music exhibit area
and the outdoor area.

The second zone will host the night market and the commercial area. The night market is a leisure very popular in Taiwan. It will guarantee a 365-day activity. The building will have a height of six meters and will be conceived as a "promenade" between the different pavilions and with the sea always present in the skyline. Two other important elements are the marine museum and the park as the plan below shows.
Zone 2 — The Sponge and the city © Made In

This zone will contain an underground parking garage.
Zone 2 © Made In

Two important poles of attraction will be implanted in the third zone: the new station of ferrys located in the southern part of this zone, and the new night market in the northern part. Different streets will be created: a gallery covered with cultural activity.
Coralium — Commercial Music Park © Made In

Coralium — Commercial Music Park © Made In

This gallery will permit to access the 8 small Performance Halls for 200 to 400 seats, a maritime walk with different gardens of water, and a walk dedicated to bicycle.
Zone 3 © Made In

The roof of these 8 small performance halls will be covered of vegetation. The walk accessible by slopes, particularly its spatial design concept can remind the Yokohama PORT designed by FOA in that this walk will act as an extension of the urban ground.
Social Life — presentation of the design proposal © Made In

The articulation of these three zones will form a continuity with its environment and produces spatial qualities between all the areas of this Center.
Social Life © Made In

Marine life © Made In

Building facts
Project: Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural and Pop Music Center
Program: Interior auditorium, exterior auditorium, Eight small auditorium, Maritimal museum, a Music museum, and Commercial area.
Architects: Made In
Surface: 80,000 sqm, including 20,000 sqm of open air public space
Budget: 100 millions of euros
Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

All plans, diagram © Made In

Source evolo,  archdaily and Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural and Pop Music Center

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