Workshop 5 Textile Logic: How to brace

While 2-day Workshop 4 Generative Logics: How to grow starts Tuesday 17th (and ends Wednesday 18th), Digital Crafting announces the next workshop, Workshop 5 Textile logic: How to brace.

The workshop explores textile logics for thinking structural systems. With a focus on self bracing systems, the workshop will investigate how friction based structures can be implemented at architectural scale. Learning from early practitioners such as Shukov and geodetic structures the aim is to explore how these principles can lead to new structural thinking and what the opportunities are for their integration in architectural design practice.

Date: Fall semester: 22-23.08.2011

It will be followed by a seminar, Seminar5: The ideal of the tectonic
The seminar examines how digital tools allow for the integration of material performance into the design process. Textile thinking integrates the detailed understanding of the performance of each fibre in the design. Focussing on the idea of the locally performing and the multi-varied material the seminar asks:
how can this level of design specification become part of architectural design practice and what happens when material design becomes part of the architectural design remit?

Date: Fall semester: 24.08.2011

For detailed information on subscription, venue click here.

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