CITYFÖRSTER, ATENASTUDIO, 3TI ITALIA winners of the New Land Commission Building for the City of Accra, Ghana

The Ghanese Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources organised a competition for the design of 5,500-square-meter landmark building on a 55,000square-meter lot. This building will house the national and regional Land Sector Agencies. Firms CITYFÖRSTERATENASTUDIO3TI ITALIA received the first prize for their design proposal.

Their proposal addresses the issues of local climatic and social parameters throughout the scales, from the urban setting to the buildings shape and its materialization. The interesting aspect of CITYFÖRSTERATENASTUDIO, 3TI ITALIA's design proposal is the place of the natural and sustainable elements. Not only the orientation of the building, its disposition on the site, the natural element surrounding the building, but also the interior, are driven by the natural and sustainable elements.
Another problematic is the concept of continuity: continuity in terms of sustainability — the interrelation of the building and its surroundings; navigation inside the building envisioned in a continuous movement.

The Eco tropical Building

Following this problematic, team CITYFÖRSTERATENASTUDIO and 3TI ITALIA opt for a building raised on pilotis. The choice of elevating the building from its ground is explained with the aim of making the building a landmark for the city of Accra. It, secondly, permits to create a green public space or courtyard, which can be used as fresh container, on the surface below the building, prolonging the park situated near the building responding to the natural performance required by the Ghanese Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. Mostly, the team sought to take advantage of the topography of the site and connect the building and its site, as the plan (left-top) shows.

Large palm trees are planted around the site. This courtyard is shaded by the building and these large palm trees providing a pool of fresh air additionally cooled by a rainwater pond. It also feeds the natural ventilation of the building. Another use of this ecological site is the vegetation and water which filter the sandy Sahara winds.

North-south orientation permits to avoid steeping hot of the mid-day. This zoning type helps to reduce the surfaces exposed to low eastern and western sun. Accra's climate features a tropical savanna climate, with very little variation in temperature throughout the year.

This building is a parametric and functional system. It is clad with diamond-shaped panels with different openings in accordance with the lowest-sun angle. This building can be engineered and manufactured in a local and low-tech manner.

The circulation system is the core of the building. Users can reach the two rings of offices on different levels.
This circulation system spiraling upwards between these two rings of offices allows a continuous movement, bringing the New Lands Commission together on one continuous floor with a variety of perspectives within and through the building.

Who are they?
ATENASTUDIO — Rossana Atena (Architect), Marco Sardella (Architect), Marco Colaiacomo (Architect), Nicoletta de Felice (Architect), Francesca Gregori (Architect), Gezim Bono (Architect) —is Rossana Atena and Marco Sardella. This agency is a research and a design practice based in Rome, working in the fields of architecture and urbanism. ATENASTUDIO has been strongly involved on several designs projects and international competitions with professionalism and thorough experience of architecture, advanced technologies, landscape, urbanism and interior design. ATENASTUDIO's skills are constantly being developed through new projects and through exchange with their global collaborators, experts and specialists.

CITYFÖRSTER. network for architecture — Martin Sobota (Architect), Mareike Henschel (Architect), Dayo Oladunjoye, Bahar Akkoclu — is an international network of eleven designers, architects and urbanists. In adaptably compound teams personal competence and different contexts are complementary to develop comprehensive solutions according to the specific task. CITYFÖRSTER deals with the city in all its dimensions and scales — a complex system which functions by the variety and interaction of its components. Based on pragmatic and subtle strategies CITYFÖRSTER compiles innovative projects aiming for a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable development of the built environment.
CITYFÖRSTER collaborates internationally and interdisciplinary with specialist consultants and experts from the fields of technology, creative economy, sustainable development and foresight research, such as ATENASTUDIO, Rome; Bureau Bouwkunde, Rotterdam; Bow Ingenieure, Brunswik; Beyond Green, London and Copenhagen; Div.A, Oslo; Anja Kirig, Futurologist, Frankfurt M.; SML Architekten, Hamburg; Shift Architecture, Rotterdam.

3TI Italia da s.r.l a S.p.A. — Alfredo Ingletti (Engineer), Alessandro Mazzoli (Architect), Fabrizia Benedetti Valentini (Engineer), Mbaye Badiane (Engineer) — has been founded in 2002 as the result of activities started in 1991 throughout collaborations of a group of engineers specialists in civil and infrastructural engineering.

Project Data
Project: New Lands Commission building
Program: Restricted competition for architectural design and construction on the New Land Commission Building
Client: Ministry of Lands and Natural resource of Republic of Ghana
Location: Accra, Ghana
Assignment: CITYFÖRSTERATENASTUDIO3TI ITALIA S.p.A., Avantgarde Design Services,
Schedule: Phase I: July 2009, Phase II: July 2010
Status: Current
Lot Area: 55,000 sqm
Built Area: 5,500 sqm
Award: 1st prize

Renderings and plan all © CITYFÖRSTER, ATENASTUDIO, 3TI ITALIA

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