A Dictionary of Advanced Ecological Urbanism

I am working of a project, precisely, a dictionary of Ecological Urbanism. I have not decided which format will have this dictionary: will it be online or published?
I will post some terms. The first one will be posted later today.
This dictionary will contribute to a global comprehensive vision of ecological urbanism addressing pressing environmental, economic and political issues that reshape our societies such as climate change, financial crisis, to quote a few. This dictionary, based on a network of fields such as architecture, urbanism, engineering, smart technologies and design, aims at providing keys for an understanding of the important role of Ecological Urbanism as a new tool adapted to address these issues and to organize principle for existing and new cities.
For a best comprehensive introduction of Ecological Urbanism, I warmly recommend the reader to read (again) Ecological Urbanism edited by Mohsen Mostafavi and Gareth Doherty.

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