A series of interviews of Bjarke Ingels by Brijuni Arquitectos

Archdaily has posted an interesting video featuring BIG's Bjarke Ingels by Studio Banana TV. The video can be found on archdaily.
I clicked on Studio Banana TV to know much more on this web-oriented agency and found a video of Bjarke Ingels interviewed by Madrid-based Brijuni Arquitectos.
This is a series of videos very interesting if you like architects' interviews.

Bjarke Ingels interviewed by Brijuni Arquitectos in CPH. from brijuni arquitectos on Vimeo.

Bjarke Ingels VM houses and the Mountain Copenhagen from brijuni arquitectos on Vimeo.

In the second video, Brijuni arquitectos and Bjarke Ingels discussed big's two projects VM houses and the Mountain Copenhagen.

Bjarke Ingels and the Lego Towers (part II) from brijuni arquitectos on Vimeo.

 In the third video, Bjarke Ingels explains the Lego Tower's concept focused on density, programme, modelling and prefabricated concrete.

Who are Brijuni Arquitectos
After five years working in different offices in Madrid and Rotterdam, Madrid-based Brijuni Arquitectos did find their own space. They have called it Brijuni and herein they experience and research all sides of architect trying to find out every time what materials, sources, strategies shall be taken into account since different points of view but with the same common denominator: respect for nature environment.
Brijuni Arquitectos are Francisco Javier Casas Cobo and Beatriz Villanuava Cajide.

Who are Studio Banana
Madrid-based Studio Banana TV is an on-line platform dedicated to the promotion of multidisciplinary creativity in an audiovisual format. Studio Banana TV broadcasts its own video productions which are produced upon demand and which range from interviews to notorious artists, designers, architects, musicians etc. to documentaries on exhibitions, projects and studios. Through its thematic channels it also features a rich selection of videos edited by specialists in each field.

Videos all courtesy © Brijuni Arquitectos and © Studio Banana TV.
Originally viewed on Studio Banana TV.

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