EDP Foundation Cultural Center by Amanda Levete Architects

Amanda Levete Architect just unveiled EDP Foundation Cultural Center design proposal for the city of Lisbon, Portugal.
This building's form will be derived from the specificity of the site which is announced to be of strategic importance. As the firm says, it will activate the long neglected riverfront. EDP Foundation Cultural Center will take the advantage of the extraordinary southern light reflected off the water and blurring boundaries between gallery and landscape.
EDP Foundation Cultural Center, Lisbon, Portugal, © Amanda Levete Architects

This building will be conceived as a landscape, that steps down into the river Tagus. With the aim of creating a continuity of the building and its environment, Amanda Levete Architects will integrate the building into the site as if it is emerged from the earth by buckling the building site.
EDP Foundation Cultural Center © Amanda Levete Architects

EDP Foundation Cultural Center will be based on water, light, reflections and people. It is announced to capture the essence of the unique riverside site and the extraordinary southern light of Lisbon.
EDP Foundation Cultural Center © Amanda Levete Architects
Lisbon's light seems to be served as a material to sculpt the building.
Aerial view of the site © Amanda Levete Architects

The beautiful form of the building will be in harmony with its environment. The promenade/roof will be covered with complex cobble stone slabs.
The roof will serve as a promenade accessible to users and visitors. It will provide spectacular views towards the river and the cultural area of Ajuda/Belém.
It is announced to be completed in 2013.

Source: eVolo

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