Community in a Cube by FAT with BioRegional-Quintain Ltd

FAT (as known as Fashion Architecture Taste) just unveiled construction images of their project Middlehaven that they are building in collaboration with BioRegional-Quintain Ltd (BQL).
Community in a Cube © FAT and BioRegional-Quintain Ltd

Middlehaven is a major regeneration scheme for a former industrial docklands in Middlesbrough.
Community in a Cube © FAT and BioRegional-Quintain Ltd

This project consists of a Community in a Cube (CIAC) building with 80 residential units and commercial or retail tenancies at ground level.
Community in a Cube © FAT and BioRegional-Quintain Ltd
North Elevation © FAT and BioRegional-Quintain Ltd

The design meets a range of targets, including the aspirations of the masterplan, construction efficiency and providing lifestyle choices for future residents, the architects say.
North Model © FAT and BioRegional-Quintain Ltd
Concept © FAT and BioRegional-Quintain Ltd

The BQL One Planet Living principles underpin all aspects of the development, which will meet and exceed the EcoHomes Excellent rating.
Rendering of the Community in a Cube © FAT and BioRegional-Quintain Ltd
Court Model © FAT and BioRegional-Quintain Ltd
Cross Section © FAT and BioRegional-Quintain Ltd
CIAC is due to be completed in 2012.
Plan of the 3-6th Floors © FAT and BioRegional-Quintain Ltd

What is FAT?
FAT is an environmental design studio with an international reputation for delivering outstanding and award winning projects at a range of scales and for many different uses. FAT specialises in architecture, cities and design. FAT works for cultural, commercial and government clients including Igloo Regeneration, BioRegional-Quintain, Tate, Grosvenor, Selfridges and Rotterdam City Council and are committed to developing our clients briefs into extraordinary projects.
The studio is directed by three of Britain's leading architectural and design thinkers: Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland and Sam Jacob, each of whom are committed to developing architectural culture both through practice and through design research at institutions including Yale and the Architectural Association. The directors are closely involved in the design of all projects which are managed by a project architect or leader in close contact with the client.
Current projects include the BBC Media Village in Cardiff, The International School, Birmingham, residential schemes in Sheffield and Middleborough and an art academy in Eindhoven. Recent projects include a Library in SE London, a cultural centre and park in Rotterdam, and a new build mixed use development in Amersfoort, NL.

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