Media Library in Chelles, France by Novembre Architecture

Media Library, Chelles, France, © Architecture Novembre
Paris-based architecture firm Novembre Architecture unveils its design proposal for the construction of a Media library in Chelles, a town near Paris, France. The site sits between different type of urban tissues including different building patterns. The starting point is to design a building that acts as landmark for the city while keeping to the scale and the identity of the neighborhood. The Media library is optimized by the programmatic objectives and the presence of the cultural center near the site.
Media Library in Chelles, France — model © Novembre Architecture

The complex will have a total of 3,500 square meters. Its implantation is central in this composition. The architects opt for the continuity between the existing cultural center and the future Media library. The complex is composed of the Media library, an auditorium that can seat 230 people and a HQE building.
Media Library in Chelles, © Novembre Architecture

The undulated façades are perforated with windows which function as connectors between the interior spaces and outside. Given the site form, the building is shaped in U. The composition attempts to keep to the site's identity creating a prolongation between existing complexes and the future building.
Media Library, Chelles, France © Novembre Architecture
The Media library is HQE, or High Quality Environmental which supposes that the building responds to the sustainable constraints. Unfortunately we do not have information on the "HQE" label, precisely if these are the materials — and what types of materials that will be used for the construction — that make the building "HQE".

Media Library, Chelles, France, © Novembre Architecture
Plan © Novembre Architecture
Media Library, Chelles, France © Novembre Architecture
The Media library is due to completion by 2012.

Source: Novembre Architecture

Novembre Architecture, who?
Novembre Architecture is founded by Marc Iseppi and Jacques Pajot in 1989. The agency is based in Paris.

Building sheet
Project:HQE Media Library, Chelles, France
Architects: Novembre Architecture
BET: Isateg, G. Gaudin, Neveux Rouyer, J.P Lamoureux
Program: Media Library, Auditorium, HQE Building
Location: Chelles, France
Client: Communaute d'agglomeration of Marne Chanteraine
Surface: 3,500 sqm SHON
Cost: 8.2 millions Euros
Completion year: by 2012

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