Symposium: Days of Oris

The international symposium of architects Ljubljana Days of Oris is bringing to Ljubljana, for the fifth time, contact with cities worldwide and the contemporary world architectural scene. The symposium is conceived as a series of lectures by renowned architects. Through lectures and visual presentations they express their visions of architecture, design and culture in order to present their country of origin.
At the same time these renowned architects present problems faced in the realization of their work, and make a comparison to the current situation in our environment. Because of the audience's already traditional enthusiasm, this symposium was visited last year by more than 600 people. This year, Ljubljana Days of Oris will present the following globally renowned names from the world of architecture: Miha Kajzelj (Slovenia), Lada Hrsak (Croatia/Netherlands), Heinz Tesar (Austria) and Mansilla+Tuñon (Spain). The organizers of the event are Oris House of Architecture and Association Trajekt.

Date of symposium: Thursday 19 May, 2011
Location: Ljubljana
For more information: Here. Via: archdaily

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