ULGC Sunday Roundup

Last week revealed a series of new projects and under construction projects. Some will be completed next year, others will start construction the same year. Among many others:

In Progress: Grand Stade Lille Métropole:  The new multi-use stadium or Grand Stade Lille Métropole (Villeneuve d'Ascq, France) for the Football club of Lille (also known as LOSC) is in progress. In case you missed it, Bordeaux-based architect Pierre Ferret was selected for the design of this new stadium. The stadium is announced to have a capacity of 50,157. It is due to be completed by 2012. The Grand Stade Lille Métropole website unveiled photos of the construction of the stadium.
Photography Construction of Grand Stade Lille Metropole.
Originally appeared on Grand Stade Lille Metropole

Grand Stade Lille Metropole © Pierre Ferret Architects

I like: Slovenia-based OFIS Arhitekti's Football Stadium FC Bate Borisov's elegant porous envelope. America-based eVolo Magazine has posted some images of the stadium. The envelope design is inspired by various patterns such as foam of soap bubbles, foam-like membrane structures of cells or Voronoi cell structure. The skin is perforated with voids that have irregular shapes.
Patterns studies for the Football Stadium FC Bate Borisov © OFIS Arhitekti
Football Stadium FC Bate Borisov © OFIS Arhitekti. Originally appeared on eVolo

Groundbreaking: OMA's Chu Hai College of Higher Education, in Honk Kong. It is announced to open its doors in 2013.
Chu Hai College, Hong Kong © OMA
Groundbreaking for the Chu Hai College, Hong Kong, © OMA

I like: the sculptural form of the Reisseck Restaurant and Top Terminal designed by Viennese architects, Zechner and Zechner Architects for the Austrian hydropower firm Verbund. This building will sit a site at 2250 meters above sea level.
Reisseck Restaurant and Top Terminal © Zechner and Zechner Architects
Section © Zechner and Zechner Architects

They were selected: MVRDV were selected for China Comic and Animation Museum, in Hangzhou, China. This aggregation of eight balloons-like volumes will sit on a 30,000-square-meter site. Apart from the building, a public plaza, a series of parks on islands and a 13,000-square-meter expo centre. Construction start is announced to start in 2012.
China Comic and Animation Museum, Hangzhou, China, © MVRDV
Circulation diagram © MVRDV

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