Zhang Da Qian Museum by EMBT

Monday, rhe Madrid-based EMBT unveiled its design proposal for the Zhang Da Qian Museum, an expressionist  curvilinear structure.
Zang Da QIan Museum — Rendererigs © EMBT

This building will built on site situated on peak of Dong Tong Lu, Yuan mountain, China.
Zhang Da Qian Museum © EMBT

The Zhang Da Qian Museum is a cluster of exhibition room that resemble to the physiology of mountain tops. Materials will be local, mainly laminated bamboo structure.
Zhang Da Qian Museum © EMBT

The laminated bamboo will play an important role as it creates organic forms just like the Yuan mountain. Other materials are ceramic, wicker, metal, glass, and wood.
Zhang Da Qian Museum — model © EMBT

According to EMBT, the design has been conceived as a link between east and west.
Zhang Da Qian Museum © EMBT

source: eVolo

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