Mountain Restaurant and Top Terminal by Zechner and zechner Architects

If you know Austrian architecture, you will acknowledge that Austrian architecture can be summarized as follows: the architecture of the spatial sequence.
This Mountain Restaurant in Reisseck is a new example of this architecture of the spatial sequence that characterizes Austrian architecture.
New Mountain Restaurant and Top Terminal, Reisseck, Austria, © Zechner and Zechner Architects

The architects, Zechner and Zechner, based in Vienna, have been selected for this sculpted building located at 2250 meters above sea level.
Perspective © Zechner and Zechner Architects

This building is a "new mountain restaurant" for client hydro power firm Verbund. This building is announced to host the top terminal for the Reisseck incline railway and information and display areas.
Perspective © Zechner and Zechner Architects

The form of this restaurant is the result of a spatial study. Starting with the mountain station of the Reisseck railway that the architects deal as a built landscape, they developed this long curvilinear building.
South Elevation © Zechner and Zechner Architects

The base follows in its curve the contour lines of the terrain and emphasizes this in its stone materiality, the architects say.
First Floor Plan © Zechner and Zechner Architects

The firm will choose wood because this material prevent the building from the environmental constraints of this location like wind and snow. Apart from the environmental parameters, wood is chosen since it will be a response to this special site. The exposed position will require a high degree of prefabrication and corresponding transport logistics.
Ground Floor Plan © Zechner and Zechner Architects

As for the energy, Zechner and Zechner Architects will opt for renewable forms of energy to provide power for the building. Heating and hot water will be among renewable energies that will be used for this building. They will be provided by solar thermal collectors that will permit solar energy to provide a large proportion of the building's power. Let's follow the construction and completion of the Mountain Restaurant and Top Terminal for more information.
Section © Zechner and Zechner Architects

Building fact
Program: Construction of a mountain railway station with a restaurant
Architects: Zechner and Zechner Architects
Client: Hydro Power Firm Verbund
Location: Reisseck, Austria
Status: Competition, 2011, 1st Prize

Source: Zechner and Zechner Architects and eVolo

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