News: SOM unveiling Golden Hills Eco Village for Danang, Vietnam

Andrew Michler of Inhabitat announced today that SOM just unveiled its Golden Hills Eco Village masterplan for Danang, Vietnam. This masterplan is closed to the FTP City for the same Danang. This will consist of a transformation of a 375 hectare plot on the Cu De River into an environmentally sensitive town with pedestrian thoroughfares.
Danang Eco-City © SOM

Like the FTP City, the notion of "sensitive" is used here to illustrate the connection of natural environment and urban environment. Another key issue that was already central in the FTP City is the concept of water. Here again, water plays an important role with the water-cleansing green belts. It also includes an urban fabric that contains shops, services, parks and mixed-density living.
Danang Eco-City Master plan © SOM

The master plan will propose a balanced diversity of residential — precisely high-density residential apartments, smaller multiplex and single-family homes — and commercial development. The residence will have a total of 30,000.  Andrew Michler adds that this master plan is designed for flood protection by reinforcing been belts that offer recreational space while absorbing and filtering storm water before it enters the river. Riverfront will be preserved for existing habitat which protect the town from periodic flooding.
Danang Eco-city Master plan © SOM

Non-vehicular system will be developed accompanied with design of path that will be carefully shaded. Services such as transport, but also infrastructures will respond to challenges issues: on the one hand maintaining local viability, reducing the need for transportation; and on the other hand energy and resources.
Danang Eco-city masterplan © SOM

Overall, SOM's master plan is an example of political ecologies of the 21st century. It mixes up population growth, patterns of developments, new types of transportation — non-vehicle system —, climate change and natural disasters — flooding. It is certain that this masterplan will modify this area's topographies by improving its natural and urban components. Let's wait and see this urban development after its completion.

Source: inhabitat

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