UIA 2011 Tokyo Youth Jamboree

Representing the international community, 160 young architectural professionals and students will work together to reflect upon architecture and the city of 2050 and present their practical visions for the future. The workshop theme will encourage participants to think about cultural and sports facilities, as well as the many institutions that support the functions of a city.

The theme is Kizuna.
Connections with your family, friends, loves, and even with your neighborhoods. Kizuna is the connections with your precious people that cannot break off. On 11. March 2011, the biggest earthquake in recorded history hit the east coast of Japan. An enormous number of people have passed away and still missing. Many others are still suffering and in need for help.
However, the generous response and support from people and organizations all over the world mean a lot to us.
We believe — Kizuna — connects the world.
The enormous damage of the devastating earthquake disproved the confidence in architecture infrastructure in Japan. Compared with the area which suffered the direct onslaught of the earthquake disaster, the damage to the capital city, Tokyo, might only be slight. However, this catastrophe was enough for us to imagine how serious menace it will be, if an earthquake over magnitude 8.0 hits directly Tokyo.
Now, it must be time to ask ourselves again, how architecture can prepare, resist, and make the future, assuming the earthquake in Tokyo.
Learning from 3.11, we hope to investigate and explore the new possibilities of architecture fro the future with participants from all over the world.

The workshop will be held from 22nd to 29th September, 2011.

NYC: National Olympic Memorial Youth Center
COREDO: COREDO Muromachi Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall

Enrolment Limit
120 students and 40 young architects

For information and registration: Here.

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