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Interviews: over the next several weeks Ecological Urbanism will be posting a series of videos and interviews on ecological urbanism. They begin with Michael Sorkin, who maintains that: "The solution to the city… is the city". Click Here for more information.

Symposium: Ljubljana Days of Oris, Thursday 19 May 2011. With the participation of Miha Kajzelj, Lada Hrsak, Heinz Tesar and Mansilla and Tunon. For information: Here.

Exhibition: the same Mansilla and Tunon has their first exhibition of Spanish architecture in Toledo, lectures of Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano, Jose Morales and Sara de Giles, Josep Llinas, Carlos Ferrater, Luis Mansilla and Emilio Tunon and Manuel Gallego included. Details: Here.

Call for Ideas: TAB Vision Competition/Street 2020. Reminder: Tallinn Architecture Biennale is a new architecture forum that brings together theory and practice, young and experienced architects in order to arouse rich discussion over architecture, urban planning and landscape issues. TAB concentrates on the hybrid issue of Landscape Urbanism. Details: Here.

Workshop: ONE LAB: BIODESIGN. A summer lab for students, architects, scientists, artists and individuals of all backgrounds to explore design with various living matter including live tissues, bacteria, tree grafting, fungi growth control and parametric scripting. One Lab is designed for students who wish to engage with the crossover of design and science. The lab concentrates on recent advances in the biotechnology and computation, both in theory and modeling. For more: Here.

Lecture: Alejandro Zaera-Polo will discuss the concept of envelope today at 19:00 in La Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, France. Location: Auditorium. Details: Here.

Contest: It's until June 11th 2011. Aqui!Here! is launching a film synopsis contest. The idea is to produce the argument of ten short films that will be developed in ten cities from the five continents based on the Manifesto of the Public Space's ten principles developed by Aveiro's city civic movement — Amigos d'Avenida. Click: Here or check out their Facebook Page.

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