Energy report co-developed by WWF, AMO and Ecofys

I am reading the Energy Report. I will only post an abstract of the introduction but I will come back to this report tomorrow. In few words, the Energy Report is a study developed by the WWF, AMO and The Ecofys. They claim that the world can be 100% reliant on renewable energy by 2050.
The contribution of Ecofys, to quote one example of these collaborations, will be to provide an ambitious scenario. According to Ecofys, it is technically possible to achieve such ambition outcomes, that is 100% reliant on renewable energy by 2050.

Important challenges and issues such as how we are going to provide for all of the world's future needs, on energy, food, fibre, water and others. The purpose is to avoid huge issues that we can enumerate: conflicting demands on land/water availability and use; rising, and in some cases, unsustainable consumption of commodities; nuclear waste, and regionally appropriate and adequate energy mixes.

It is clear , as the report states, that the world needs (and will need) seriously to consider what will be required to transition to a sustainable energy future, and to find solutions to the dilemmas.
AMO contributes by conceptualizing and visualizing the geographic, political, and cultural implications of 100 percent energy world.

I will update this article after reading it, (later today). The report in a pdf format can be found here.
OMA/AMO uploaded a video on this energy report.

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