Praxis of Flow by Arthur Azoulai and Melody Rees

Praxis of Flow, a design proposal by Arthur Azoulai and Melody Rees from Philadelphia, explores the extended field of movement and circulating forces that generate the building with specific topologies along the surface.
The project is a morphological study of San Juan (Puerto Rico)'s environment, particularly circulation flow.
Praxis of Flow, © Arthur Azoulai and Melody Rees

The key element to this free-form geometrical project is based on the simulation of self-organizing biological systems where selective decision making is used to sculpt innate yet deliberate spatial relationships and formal qualities.
© Arthur Azoulai and Melody Rees

This infrastructural system functions as a receiver and link-up for formal architectural systems.
The curvature of the shell appears to be derived from Algorithms — certainly Genetic Algorithms — based on evaluation data such as the study of the movement and circulating forces.
Another important part of this morphological study is the continuity of the overall form as a topological surface which allows for the creation of roadways, interstitial interior space, and landscape.
© Arthur Azoulai and Melody Rees

The outcome of this study is collective tectonics providing a network of circulation paths for pedestrians, cars and trams in addition to an emphasis on temporary pavilion spaces such as transitory food markets, pop-up retail shops and time-sharing housing.
Thanks to the adaptive qualities of the infrastructural surface, the building and site generate an organic semiotic relationship where the building seamlessly emerges from the land below.
© Arthur Azoulai and Melody Rees

Basing on the ecologically evasive feature of Puerto Rico's environment merging into the architecture, Praxis of Flow melds new formal relationships and interstitial space while also reflecting the contingencies of the current moment in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
© Arthur Azoulai and Melody Rees

Building Fact
Project: Praxis of Flow
Architects: Arthur Azoulai and Melody Rees
Instructor: Ferda Kolatan
Location of the project: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Renderings and models © Arthur Azoulai and Melody Rees

Source: suckerPunch

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