Xinyang Master plan by WORD

WORD for Warren Office for Research and Design announces the Xinyang Masterplan. The agency in collaboration with Los Angeles-based SWA Group studied the city of Xinyang in southeastern Henan province, China. Chinese cities are facing an urban population growth, a factor that requires a new vision for a best living condition. Xinyang is one of numerous examples of recent urbanization. It is announced that the new town population of Xinyang would grow by the hundreds of thousands in a matter of years. Existing infrastructures must be re-organized to respond to these transformations mentioned.
Xinyang Master Plan © WORD and SWA Group

Xinyang topography varies. The city is situated in a mountainous region with Dabie Mountains that cover most part of the Xingyang. WORD and SWA Group have oriented their proposal to a solution which requires "calculated sensitivity and ingenuity".
© WORD and SWA Group

One of the most important facts when envisioning a city (re)development in China is that cities occupy an important place in Chinese economy growth. Specifically, as a large number of research has demonstrated, China seems to call for cities playing a crucial role in the new economy. Needless to say, to quote Bruce Katz, that the "next Economy will be largely metropolitan, in form and in function".
© WORD and SWA Group

Another fact that Bruce Katz has pointed out— but that does not limit to China including other regions such as Middle-Eastern regions —is that "China has realized the impressive economic potential of renewable energy and has made investments in new infrastructure and technology". This master plan reflects Chinese massive investment in renewable energy. This appears, subsequently, to be logic that WORD has set a vision to leverage sustainable technology and natural elements as core elements of this master plan.
Based on the purpose to make the city attractive, this plan articulates three major elements: natural systems as the first important element, extant and projected population densities, then, circulation routes and usage districts.
© WORD and SWA Group

Water will occupy largely an important place. The provision of water quantity and quality to Xinyang would guide all major decisions. Water would be both naturally and mechanically filtered and routed through the master plan as necessary to support the districts, as well as to provide a leisure and entertainment resource, necessity-cum-amenity.
© WORD and SWA Group

A total of 3,000,000 square meters of building will be proposed over the 36 kilometer long corridor.

Building Facts
Project: Xinyang Master Plan
Architect: WORD
Project prime: SWA Group Los Angeles
WORD team: Ryan Ramirez, Lois Lee, David Villela, Danah Mangahis
Water Resources Engineering: Limno Tech
Renderings: Kilograph
Location: Xinyang, China
Design status: 2010

All © WORD and SWA Group
Renderings © Kilograph

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