Museum of Environmental Science, Guadalajara, Mexico by Snøhetta

Snøhetta's Museum of Environmental Science design proposal for the Centro Cultural Universitario, Guadalajara campus has been selected last December 2010.
The core element of the Museum of Environmental Science Competition was to take into account the natural wealth and environmental problems of the region on which the Museum will focus. The Museum envisions to maintain exhibits on global issues and showcase the latest in green developments.
Snøhetta's sculpture-shaped building design will meld scientific progression and sustainability with a modern and biotic design inspired from the natural landscape of the Guadalajara region.
Museum of Environmental Science, Guadalajara, Mexico © Snøhetta
In many Snøhetta's projects, the site plays a crucial role. The King Abdullah Center for Dialog in Saudi Arabia, the Sheik Zayed National Museum in Abu Dhabi, their plans for a new Marine Technology Research Center in the sea outside Trondheim, Norway or else the Max-Lab IV in Lund, Sweden are among numerous examples of Snøhetta's design methodology. Site, exchanges with clients and users, and research for a new building type that looks to the future are the basis of Snøhetta's design. In the case of the Museum of Environmental Science in Guadalajara, the choice of the building shape and implantation on site is inspired from the site conditions, as well. As mentioned, it was required to take into account that the Museum will focus on environmental problems of the region and latest green developments.

© Snøhetta

The building, white in color, will be modelled which roof has been cut out to generate three outdoor courtyards and gardens as well as create a corridor between the University of Guadalajara's new library and auditorium situated on either side of the Museum. Natural light and ventilation will penetrate inside the building throughout these cut-out sections.

Situation plan © Snøhetta

This results in a white building in harmony with its landscape participating in the wave-type arrangement of the green spaces, mostly made up of trees, that surround the building. These green spaces will be included as a part of the larger municipal planned wilderness reserves set aside by Guadalajara.
© Snøhetta

Rooftop which will act as courtyard will be accessible to the users to take advantage of the spectacular views of the Museum's landscape.
Arup will collaborate closely with Snøhetta for structural MEP, sustainability, acoustics and theater planning.
The Museum will house a library, restaurants, a forum of demonstrations, recreational land, planetarium, classrooms, workshop, and 4 showrooms.
The project is scheduled to begin in early 2011 with a budget of $35 million.
© Snøhetta

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