Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre by Denis Valode and Jean Pistre

Denis Valode and Jean Pistre announced that the renovation of the Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre, Paris, 15th arrondissement, will be completed in 2013. Situated between covered streets and a raised platform, the Shopping Centre renovated by French architects Denis Valode and Jean Pistre, has a total of 75,000 square-meters and is situated between. The Beaugrenelle district is characterized by the segregation of automobiles and pedestrians.
Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre, render © Denis Valode and Jean Pistre

The main idea of this program is the renewal of the shopping centre, significance of the street and links to adjacent neighbourhoods. This renovation, then, aims at creating a urban symbol for the 15th arrondissement.
The shopping centre will consist of a new generation of urban shopping centres with new corner entrances and shop windows. The Creation of street wall facades will provide a new urban scale.

The façade is made out of painted glazed windows. It protects simple fluid volumes.
Render © Denis Valode and Jean Pistre

An additional retail space will be linked to the main shopping centre by two atriums in the center of the two parcels on which is implanted the shopping centre. One atrium, visible from the street, is circular in form. A green house will connect the other other atrium to the Seine river. Circular-shaped Restaurants with panoramic views will be positioned on each side of the Grenelle Bridge.

Render © Denis Valode and Jean Pistre

Space for automobiles and space for pedestrians will be linked forming mix of pedestrian and automobile circulation at ground level.
The Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre is due to be completed in 2013.
Aerial view of plan, © Denis Valode and Jean Pistre

Building facts
Project: Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre
Program: Shopping centre, Multiplex Cinemas and Restaurants
Architects: Denis Valode and Jean Pistre
Floor Area: 75,000 sqm
Client: SCI Beaugrenelle APSYS-CECINA
Completion year: 2013.

Renderings, plans © Denis Valode and Jean Pistre

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