News: The New Minister of Defence will be designed by Nicolas Moulin

France will have its a French-version Pentagon group of buildings. Nicolas Moulin and Bouygues Real Estate have been selected for designing the new Minister of Defence, Paris 15th Arrondissement. This building will occupy the 16,500-hectare site of Balard, in the South of Paris. This site offers best views and facilitates construction of buildings.
© BA117
Actual Site of Balard, Paris, 15th Arrondissement.
This site can house buildings for the Minister of Defence

Bouygues Real Estate will collaborate with three agencies, that of Nicolas Moulin who will conduct the renovation as well as that of Jean-Michel Wilmotte and that of Atelier 2/3/4.
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© BA117
> Future site of the Minister of Defence which measures 16,500 hectare.
It comprises two large parcels: Easter Parcel and Western Parcel.

Architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, first, will be in charge of the Western part ("Corne ouest") of the site in which will office buildings will be implanted while Atelier 2/3/4 will realize the renovation of the Cité of Air at the East.
Site plan © BA117
Diagram © BA117
Diagram showing the distribution of the number
of the Minister of Defence workers
on the Eastern parcel and the Western parcel.

The buildings will be completed in 2014 and will house 10,000 users on site of 300,000 square meters.
Tower A © Di Fiore Architects and Associates
> On the Eastern parcel, two high-rise tower will be implanted
the A Tower and the F Tower with a total of 50,000 square meters.
Renovation will be completed in 2012.

F Tower © Groupement AIA
> The F Tower will consist of the renovation of the facade, retrofitting of the whole building
and the new fitting of inner spaces.
Di Fiore Architects and Associates will take in charge of the renovation conducted by Groupement AIA (Architects-Engineers-Associates) and Franck Hammoutène.

Source: Batiactu

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