Fourth Natures: Mediated Landscapes

InfraNet Lab announces the conference entitled 'Fourth Nature: Mediated Landscapes' at the University of Waterloo, School of Architecture, in Cambridge, Ontario. The conference will start Friday 4th February to Saturday 5th February.

The conference brings together scholars and practitioners working at the disciplinary intersection of architecture, infrastructure, landscape and environment to present research and projects that propose emerging models for understanding 'nature', in its various scales and guises, in the 21 century.
From the territorial to the nano-scale, mutant environments which fuse natural and artificial, technologic and infrastructure have been proliferating. Natures are monitored and controlled, ecologies are amplified or manufactured and interior landscapes are conditioned, with the intent of augmenting performance, controlling the flow of resources, monitoring data or redressing environmental imbalances.
In the current scenario, the dialectic is no longer nature versus city, or natural versus artificial, but positions within a spectrum of mediation and manipulation of nature, landscape and built environment.

What and Who?
Keynote: François Roche (R&Sie(n))
The conference is divided into three panels entitled 'Fourth Nature': New Contexts, New Disciplines and New Practices.
Twelve speakers, including François Roche, will discuss the theme of each panels, among others: Cary Wolfe, Lydia Kallipoliti, John J. May, and Martin Felsen.

Where to get more information?
Detailed information about the conference, schedule and speakers can be found here.

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