Ecopolis Plaza by Ecosistema Urbano

One of the most interesting agencies since the last decade, Madrid-based Ecosistema Urbano has designed a socially-responsive building which can be inscribed into their research on a ecologically-socially-responsive (as well as responsible) city for citizens. This new Ecopolis Plaza project in Madrid's aim was to transform an empty city lot into a facility for leisure dedicated to children and neighborhoods residents.
Ecopolis Plaza, © Ecosistema Urbano

The core elements of this socially-responsive Ecopolis Plaza can be summed up into two important axis: sustainability and leisure with the aim of saving money on energy bills and providing a small ecological footprint. The agency believes that children should be aware of this process to become responsible adults in the near future."
Leisure, first, as mentioned, the building is dedicated to not only for children — precisely, it is a child care facility — but also for neighorhoods residents. The building contains a nursery school, a playroom, and a plentiful surrounding green space. It is a mix of yellow and green.
© Ecosistema Urbano

Then sustainability which is the key point of Ecosistema Urbano's projects and research. Ecosistema Urbano's choice consists of a half-buried underground to take advantage of the land's natural "thermal inertia".
Explosion axonometry, © Ecosistema Urbano 
As the axonometry, above, shows, the building integrates a solar energy system, a mobile awning system to shield or provide sunlight. It also uses recycled rainwater being collected in the plaza area outside, which was artificially landscaped to mimic a riverbank.

© Ecosistema Urbano

Above-ground part of the building, largely glass faces the south to control the building's temperature.

Section © Ecosistema Urbano
The building's shape wraps around a green space, creating a common field for all local residents which results in a harmony of the building with its landscape.
© Ecosistema Urbano

The building reflects Ecosistema Urbano's research on a ecologically/socially-responsive city, a city "as a place where citizens can discover and learn about energy saving and responsible consumption of natural resources, integrating ecology into everyday life without turning it into a unique phenomenon that must be explored in a museum."
© Ecosistema Urbano
Building Facts
Project: Ecopolis Plaza
Program: Childcare facility
Architect: Ecosistema Urbano
Client: Rivas Vaciamadrid Municipality
Location: Rivas Vaciamadrid, Spain
Building status: 2009

Images, diagram, section © Ecosistema Urbano

Source: evolo

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